Friday 18 September 2015 7:26 am

Using ad-blocker on City A.M.

Why can’t I use an ad blocker on
The journalism on City A.M. is funded by advertising but this business model is threatened by the use of ad blockers, which prevent adverts from appearing on the website. City A.M. therefore restricts access to full articles when ad blockers are active.
How do I turn off an ad blocker?
There are different ad blockers available but most allow you to ‘whitelist’ certain websites. To do this for click on the ad blocker icon – usually located near your browser bar or in your taskbar – and then select the option to disable the software on the domain. You may also be given the option to disable it on the specific page but be aware that you would need to do this for each page on which you visited.
Will I then be able to read the content?
Yes. The page should automatically refresh and let you view the content. If not, try manually refreshing the page.
I don’t have an ad blocker on but I’m being blocked
Other types of software can interfere with the way adverts are being served and may trigger the content blocker on Examples include Ghostery, Disconnect and Do Not Track Me. Try whitelisting on these as well.
I’ve done all that and I still can’t get in
Contact us here with as much information as you can about the device you are using and we’ll try to help.