Monday 13 May 2019 12:03 am

UK voters think the Brexit Party and Change UK will disappear in 10 years

They may only just be getting started, but the majority of Britons think the newly formed Brexit Party and Change UK will disappear within a decade.

A YouGov poll has found that nearly two thirds of those surveyed said they believed Nigel Farage's party would disappear in the next ten years, while 56 per cent think the same for Change UK, the party created in February from the walkout of Labour and Tory MPs. 

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The poll comes ahead of this month's European elections, where both parties want to take votes away from Labour and the Tories, both of whom are divided over Brexit.

A poll for Opinium yesterday out the Tories on 11 per cent of the vote, with Farage's party on top with 34 per cent of the vote, 13 points ahead of Labour.

However, despite the troubles gripping the two main parties, the vast majority of those surveyed believed they will weather the current political storm.

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Seven in ten think Labour will still be around in ten years, while 71 per cent believes the same for the Tories. ‚Äč

YouGov political research manager Chris Curtis said: The upcoming European parliament elections will be the first outing for two brand new parties: Change UK – The Independent Group and Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party. The data shows the public aren’t yet convinced that these newer forces will become a permanent feature in British politics, although both these parties will be hoping to prove the public wrong, and a strong showing in next week’s election could give them momentum and help them stand out in an increasingly crowded field.”