Wednesday 15 June 2016 9:25 am

Uber's hungry for even more cash with plans for $2bn leveraged loan

Thought the most highly valued private tech company in the world had enough money to throw around? Apparently, it doesn't.

Uber is rounding up another $2bn (£1.4bn) to its already pretty huge cash mountain in its bid for world domination, but this time it's tapping the cash via a leveraged loan.

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Barclays and Morgan Stanley are underwriting the loan of between $1bn and $2bn, the Wall Street Journal reports, just weeks after landing $3.5bn in equity investment from Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund, the biggest ever single investment in a private company.

The new money would bring total funding in debt and equity for the startup to around $15bn.

A leveraged loan carries a higher risk than other types of funding and is used by firms with higher than usual amounts of debt, but it allows Uber access to cash without giving away equity.

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According to Uber boss Travis Kalanick, the taxi hailing app is losing $1bn a year in China – a huge but competitive market – he revealed earlier this year.

"We have a fierce competitor that's unprofitable in every city they exist in, but they're buying up market share. I wish the world wasn't that way," he said, referring to Didi Chuxing, the homegrown service recently backed by Apple.

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