Tuesday 4 September 2012 8:49 pm

Troika ask Greek ministers to allow six day working week

THE BODY overseeing Greece’s bailout will require the country to remove the restriction on working a six-day week, a leaked email sent to two Greek ministries revealed yesterday. The troika, made up of IMF, EU and European Central Bank representatives, are overseeing the Greek aid package. Its members want Greece to cut labour market restrictions. The cuts would include the regulation stopping employees working six days a week, according to the Greek newspaper Imerisia. The rules are particular to Greece and not common in other European states. The troika is also demanding Greece drop severance pay by 50 per cent, cut overtime provisions, and slash the period of notice employers are required to give their employees. This came as French President Francois Hollande said that an EU debt summit in mid-October should wrap up the Greek situation – but also the problems, especially to do with the high cost of maintaining debt, in Italy and Spain.