Saturday 2 July 2016 11:53 am

Tens of thousands march in London to protest the Brexit vote

Tens of thousands of people are marching in London today to protest the UK's democratic decision to leave the European Union.

Protesters taking part in #marchforeurope are heading to Parliament holding banners saying slogans such as "I am really quite cross", "Shame on liars, xenophobes, Farage Johnson Gove" and "2nd Referendum".

There will be speakers at Parliament Square from 1pm.

A campaign poster for the event reads: "Bring food to share with each other ideally from a different European country."

The country's constitutional headache is set to continue until a leader of the Conservative party is chosen, after David Cameron resigned his post as Prime Minister, saying only his successor could make a decision on when to trigger Article 50, which would initiate a two-year negotiating period with the European Union.

Traffic delays are expected in the centre of the capital as Londoners take to the streets to voice their support for the European Union.

The approach the UK takes in its negotiations with Europe will depend on who is the next Tory leader – today, would-be leader Andrea Leadsom took a side-swipe at frontrunner Theresa May, saying that the top job has to go to a Brexit supporter.

May stayed quite during the EU referendum campaign, but supported Cameron's attempt to keep the UK in the EU. She has since emerged as the bookies' favourite to win the Tory premiership.