Wednesday 11 May 2016 5:01 pm

These are the strangest items Londoners have tried to take on planes in the last year, according to London City Airport

Posh dog shampoo, furry handcuffs, a wooden meat hammer and snow globes: an unlikely bunch of items, but all products that passengers have tried to take onto flights as hand luggage in the past year. 

London City Airport has revealed its list of the 10 most unusual items confiscated at its security check-in, as well as the 10 most common items that break aircraft rules that passengers try to take on flights. 

Approximately one in eight people have been caught out and had an item confiscated at airport security, according to a recent YouGov survey commissioned by the airport.

The top oddity in the past year was a find by the airport's security team in April, who identified a dark mass on the X-ray screen as undeclared cash – which was later found to total £40,000.

Other unusual finds include four cans of tinned John West tuna in sunflower oil, four pots of horse treats called ‘Horselyx’, potato forks for fondue, Waitrose gherkins in vinegar, and luxury dog shampoo by Aesop, which retails at £25 for 500ml.

The top 10 most unusual items confiscated at London City Airport

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Meanwhile, the top spot for the most commonly confiscated item has been clinched by snow globes, a popular souvenir for London visitors, which contain a water-based solution and therefore breach UK hand luggage restrictions for liquids and gels.

Approximately 12 snow globes per month get picked up during security screenings.

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In joint second place are Harrods and Fortnum and Mason jams and spreads, with hundreds of passengers accidentally bringing the luxurious edible items from the iconic London department stores in their hand luggage – including cognac butter, cranberry sauce and marmalade.

Further down the table, at number 10, fluffy handcuffs were frequently confiscated from more adventurous passengers, with an average of approximately two pairs of cuffs per month.

The top 10 most commonly confiscated items at London City Airport

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Declan Collier, chief executive at London City Airport, said: "Last year the airport welcomed 4.3m passengers along with an eclectic range of restricted items.

"Snow globes continue to be a favourite souvenir, perhaps as a paper weight for the business travellers who make up more than half of our passengers. Unfortunately, these and other liquid items aren’t allowed on board and it’s best to pack them safely in the hold luggage."

The majority of unused items are collected by airport teams who distribute them to local charities and food banks.