Tuesday 20 October 2015 9:29 am

The top 20 best jobs for work-life balance in the UK include web developer, commercial manager and research assistant

Getting the right combination of work and life can be a tricky balancing act.

And let's be honest, there are some jobs out there which are better than others when it comes to tipping the scales in a favourable direction.

In fact, the work-life balance for workers is gradually getting worse, according to data from Glassdoor. Back in 2009, the collective rating was 3.5 on a scale from one (dissatisfied) to five (very satisfied). Fast forward to 2015, and it's fallen to 3.2.

But if you're looking to recalibrate your work and life, then perhaps a career as a web developer is for you. The job is the highest-scoring for work-life balance of any position in the UK.

Or perhaps you're already in one of the top jobs for work-life balance? If you're a business analyst, marketing executive or a researcher then you're in luck.

Check out the top 20 jobs based for work-life balance below.

Job Work-life balance rating Salary
Web developer 4.1 £28,000
Commercial manager 4.0 £45,000
Research assistant 4.0 £26,500
Senior business analyst 3.8 £48,000
Product manager 3.8 £49,500
Marketing executive 3.8 £25,000
HR manager 3.8 £45,000
HR specialist 3.8 £43,500
Research associate 3.8 £32,000
Marketing manager 3.8 £40,000
Personal assistant 3.7 £25,632
Data analyst 3.7 £30,000
Researcher 3.7 £30,000
Business analyst 3.7 £36,200
Senior associate 3.7 £46,000
Software engineer 3.6 £35,000
Senior software engineer 3.6 £45,000
Managing consultant 3.6 £72,000
Design engineer 3.6 £30,000
Financial analyst 3.5 £38,000