Friday 22 July 2016 10:08 am

There is now a beer brewed by artificial intelligence… and it takes feedback via Facebook’s Messenger app

Forget craft beer, this is what the real future of lager looks like… and it looks surprisingly open to constructive criticism. 

A London-based brewing startup, IntelligentX, has created a premium beer brewed by artificial intelligence (AI) using a "complex machine learning algorithms" to make four versions of its beer. 

But that's not the only innovation. When customers drink one of IntelligentX's beers, they can then speak directly to the beer-making algorithm through Facebook's Messenger app. 

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If feedback is submitted, the algorithm will then take those comments as an opportunity for growth and will then be used by the artificial beer intelligence system to brew the next batch. 

"Because our AI is constantly reacting to user feedback, we can brew beer that matches what you want, more quickly than anyone else can. That means we get more data and you get a better, fresher beer," IntelligentX explains on its website. 

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Co-founder Dr Rob McInerney describes this process as "putting expert human brewers and all our customers in the same room", using an algorithm that "allows [the] beer to evolve". 


This brewing innovation might even rival another of the year's kookiest technology/drinking fads: a San Fransisco startup that has claimed it can hack making fine wine without grapes by creating vino on a compound-by-compound basis. What a time to be alive.