Monday 14 November 2016 5:16 pm

Supermoon London November 2016: Can't get out to see the supermoon action? We'll bring it to you instead

If you're in the position to look up to the skies in London, you might notice something a bit unusual about the moon tonight.

Tonight's moon will be a supermoon, as its orbit is the closest to the earth it has been since 1948. In fact, it's forecast to look some 14 per cent bigger and 30 per cent brighter than usual

The supermoon should have been visible in London from about 16:45 tonight, but unlucky moon-spotters have had their views blocked by cloudy skies:

However, a fortunate few were lucky enough to spot it, but were, for the most part, unimpressed:

Never mind. Here are a few snaps from yesterday:

A plane flies in front of the supermoon (Source: Getty)

Supermoon on the Docklands skyline (Source: Getty)

Supermoon Rises Over The UK
Supermoon by The Shard (Source: Getty)

Meanwhile, some people have decided to take a creative approach to sightings instead: