Tuesday 17 September 2019 2:32 pm

Prime Minister Boris Johnson still more popular than Jeremy Corbyn, says public

Despite facing accusations of lying to the Queen, sacking 21 MPs from the Tory party and being embarrassed by an empty lectern in Luxembourg yesterday, Boris Johnson is still more popular than Jeremy Corbyn, according to pollsters.

Yougov has found 38 per cent of Brits have a favourable view of the PM, compared to 54 per cent who have an unfavourable opinion, giving him a net score of minus 16

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By contrast, Labour leader Corbyn languishes far behind on a net score of minus 49, with 21 per cent of Brits holding a positive opinion of him and a whopping 70 per cent holding a negative one.

Boris’ score is slightly higher than his score of minus 21 in July, when it was announced he had won the Conservative party leadership and would be moving into Downing Street.

Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson, meanwhile has raised her profile among the general public. In early June, 62 per cent of people answered “don’t know” when asked what they thought of her. 

That figure that has now closed to just 37 per cent, making her nearly as well-known as her predecessor Vince Cable at the end of his leadership.

Swinson closed the Lib Dem party conference in Brighton this afternoon with a rallying cry over Brexit that “the tired old parties have failed”.

“Looking inward at a time of national crisis. Our country needs us, at this precarious time,” she will say. “Let’s keep going. Let’s keep growing.”

On Sunday, members overwhelmingly voted for MPs to stand on a manifesto promise to revoke Brexit without a referendum.

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Unfortunately for Swinson, being more well-known hasn’t translated to becoming more well-liked, according to Yougov. 

The Lib Dem leader has the approval of 26 per cent of Brits, while 38 per cent have an unfavourable view, giving her a net score of minus 12, a small improvement on the minus 15 she registered when taking the party leadership.