Saturday 6 February 2021 8:50 am

Photography award celebrates animals in lockdown

One of the few things some of us have been able to take solace in during the last 12 months is the natural world. Whether it’s foxes in the back garden, parakeets in London’s green spaces or a domestic cat in a high-rise flat, animals have provided us with an escape from the drudgery and anxiety of life in lockdown. And many of us have been honing our photography skills capturing these moments.

The CEWE Photo Award has released a series of spectacular images celebrating just that. All taken in the last year, the project asks for image submissions under the umbrella topic “Our world is beautiful”.

The animal photography is a sneak peek of what’s to come, with the competition open until 31 May. These images have been submitted as entries to the Animals and Nature categories, with other categories including aerial shots, landscapes, culture and travel, with the latter presumably a little quieter than in previous years.

Clare Moreton, photo expert at CEWE UK, said: “As we find ourselves living quieter lives during lockdown, many people have been taking great comfort in animals and the natural world. Whether it’s taking photos of our beloved pets or looking back on photos we took of wildlife on holidays abroad, engaging with photography of the natural world has been a great way to remind ourselves of the bigger picture.

“We’ve really enjoyed seeing people’s entries to the CEWE Photo Award 2021 and are looking forward to seeing many more entries before the competition closes in May.”

For more information or to enter the photography awards visit CEWE here.