Donald Trump

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has said he is confident US President Donald Trump will not [...]

18 February 2019

In February last year, Matt Hancock (then culture secretary, now health secretary) launched his own smartphone [...]

18 February 2019

European cars do not pose a threat to US national security, one of Germany’s biggest car lobbies said today as [...]

17 February 2019

Donald Trump has declared a national emergency following a fresh row over funding for the President's pledged [...]

15 February 2019

High levels trade talks between the US and China ended today with no official statement from either side. [...]

15 February 2019

It takes some front for a man who has presided over a double-digit recession for three successive years to claim [...]

14 February 2019

US President Donald Trump is mulling a 60- day extension of the 1 March deadline for higher tariffs on Chinese [...]

14 February 2019

Towards the end of last year, my investment manager sent out a note predicting that the US-China trade spat would [...]

13 February 2019

President Donald Trump wants to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping soon in an effort to end the trade war [...]

12 February 2019

This week marks a resumption of trade talks between China and the US, so expect to see movement on the US equity [...]

12 February 2019

US politicians thrashed out a finance deal late last night to prevent a renewed government shutdown, but fears [...]

12 February 2019

Asian markets finished with mixed results this morning while the FTSE 100 had an early rise, as investors looked [...]

11 February 2019

2018 was a challenging year for investors with US equity and government bond markets both returning less than [...]

8 February 2019

For a brief moment on Tuesday evening, the customary rancour of US politics was set aside in a most unusual spontaneous [...]

7 February 2019

US oil imports from Opec countries have dropped to five-year lows as the oil producing cartel cuts output, while [...]

6 February 2019

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