Wednesday 24 February 2021 8:46 pm

Nuns broke lockdown rules to perform exorcism in front of 70 people

Two nuns have been caught breaking covid-19 lockdown rules after they performed a public exorcism in front of the Irish parliament.

Mother Irene Gibson and Sister Anne Marie reportedly attended the exorcism, on 8 December of last year, of the Dáil in Hebert Park, Dublin. A video was later posted online which showed the exorcism, which attracted around 70 people taking place, according to a report in the Metro this evening.

Outdoor gatherings at the time were limited to 15 people and travel between countries in Ireland was banned.

In response to criticism over the exorcism Mother Gibson wrote on Facebook: “Praised be Jesus Christ! We have good news to share with you all!”

It remained unclear what the good news was. The nuns could not be reached for comment.

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