Thursday 20 May 2021 6:50 am

Musk’s UK visit fuels speculation a Britain-based Tesla plant is on the cards

Elon Musk visited the UK last weekend, fuelling speculation that Tesla is exploring the possibility of setting up a car plant in Britain.

The government’s new Office for Investment has called upon regional agencies to urgently submit potential locations for a new factory, the Telegraph first reported, a move that would add £80bn to Britain’s car industry.

Regional authorities including Teesside and the West Midlands were reportedly contacted over the potential sites.   

One regional authority insider said they only had 48 hours to put together a proposal for the plant, adding that they usually get much more time and engagement with a potential investor.

Last Friday Musk visited the UK, landing at Luton in his $70m Gulfstream jet. He departed later on the Sunday night.

It was unable to be confirmed that Musk’s visit was directly linked to the search for a car manufacturer.