Tuesday 29 September 2015 3:54 am

Mr Nice Guy? Jeremy Corbyn pledges to make politics nicer

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Jeremy Corbyn will take a softer approach in his first conference speech as Labour leader today, telling voters he will “bring values back to politics”.

Insisting that he “love[s] this country and its people”, Corbyn will tell delegates in Brighton his leader­ship will be centred on “kinder politics and a more caring society”.

Corbyn will say to party faithful gatherers: “It’s because I am driven by these British majority values, because I love this country, that I want to rid it of injustice, to make it fairer, more decent, more equal.” Corbyn will say he was elected with a “huge mand­ate” to “change… the way we do politics, in the Labour Party and the country” to be “more inclusive”.