Tuesday 20 November 2018 11:15 am

Meet London's 25 under 25 up and coming tech stars

Industry network Tech London Advocates has today launched its first 25 under 25 list, highlighting the best and brightest of the UK's next generation of tech talent.

Gathering insight and nominations from its community of over 6,000 technology leaders, founders and investors, the list aims to recognise the breadth of tech expertise in the UK and the potential held by British young people at all ages.

The TLA 25 under 25

Aleksandra Pedraszewska, 24Co-founder of VividQ, a software builder for holographic 3D display
Anisah Osman BrittonFounder and CEO of 23 Code Street, a coding school for women
Arya Taware, 25Founder and CEO of Futurebricks, a peer-to-peer fintech startup for small businesses
Ashleigh Ainsley, 25Co-founder of Colorintech, a tech sector diverstiy campaign group
David Bradbury, 23Lead advocacy consultant for Duel Tech, an automated brand ambassador platform
David Wilkinson, 24Executive chairman of Soho Strategy, a data and engineering consultancy
Doniya Soni, 25Principal policy officer in digital and STEM skills for the Greater London Authority
Emelia Galkowska, 25Working on EEE and topside integration for BAE Systems' maritime unit
Faissal Bensefia, 18Full stack engineer for Made Tech, a software consultancy and training firm
Femi Owolade-Coombes, 12Creator of Hackerfemo, running coding and business workshops and appearing onstage at conferences such as Red Hat Summit
Francesco Bellanca, 24Co-founder and CEO of Feral Horses, an online art marketplace
Franz-Josef SchrepfCo-founder of Inspiral, a micro-video platform for life skills
Harry Williams, 21Operations director at Subset Solutions, an IT consultancy for small businesses
Ivan Beckley, 23A medical student whose convinced Google's Deepmind to sponsor his Masters research
James Liam Cook, 24Special technology correspondent for the Telegraph
James McAulay, 25Co-founder and CEO of Encore, a booking marketplace for musicians
Jan Baerisywl, 24Co-founder of Bedrockx, a blockchain startup currently in stealth mode
Jessica Russell, 24Programme manager for transport and smart cities at industry body TechUK
Joshua UwadiaeCo-founder and CEO of Wegym, a crowdsourced personal trainer platform
Katie Griffiths, 18Co-creator of the I'm Okay app, a story platform about sexuality and gender
Nicholas Shekerdemian, 23Co-founder of Headstart, an app for graduate recruitment
Ollie Forsyth, 20Founder of The Budding Entrepreneur Club, an invite-only community and podcast for entrepreneurs in the UK
Patrick Colbeck, 25Innovation programme manager for Sport Tech Hub
Ryan Maugin, 18Software engineer apprentice at Google
Sara Margetson, 24Growth and engagement lead at Unmind, a workplace wellness platform

The list was created by Tech London Advocates as part of a campaign launched today to create 1m tech jobs by 2023, as well as increase diversity in the sector.