Tuesday 7 February 2017 12:01 am

Lord mayor Dr Andrew Parmley launches 2017 City-wide mental health campaign to reduce stigma in the workplace

Lord mayor Dr Andrew Parmley is today launching a 2017 City-wide mental health campaign aiming to dispel myths surrounding mental health in the workplace.

The lord mayor of the City of London kicks off This is Me – in the City at Deutsche Bank – an initiative led by the Lord Mayor's Appeal charity to reduce the stigma around mental health by giving employees a platform to discuss their own experience of mental health problems at work.

Some have shared their story with colleagues via video, as well as other mediums.

Since its creation last year, over 75 organisations have signed up to the initiative, with 22 running their own campaigns. Now 17 organisations have teamed together as a committee to drive up participation with an aim of reaching one million employees.

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An example video made by PwC:

The initiative, created in partnership with Barclays, Business Healthy, City Mental Health Alliance and Mind, wants to change attitude towards mental health in the City by getting organisations to collaborate and develop more inclusive workplace cultures around mental health.

The likes of Transport for London (TfL), Linklaters, the Bank of England KPMG, PwC, Credit Suisse and Herbert Smith Freehills have all signed up so far.

Dr Andrew Parmley said:

It is just as important for organisations to look after the mental health of their employees, as it is to support their physical health.

This is Me – in the City aims to break down stigmas and dispel myths around mental health, in order to improve our awareness and understanding of employee wellbeing. 

Working environments in the City of London can be extremely demanding and high-pressured, and it is in the interest of both businesses and their staff to collaborate in order to change the culture around mental health for good.

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A study 20,000 people in work by Business in the Community charity found 77 per cent of employees had experienced some kind of mental health problem, with 62 per cent identifying their work as a contributing factor.

And according to MetLife, rising stress levels among investment bankers have led two thirds to consider quitting their jobs altogether.