Monday 25 January 2021 12:27 pm

London best UK city for female entrepreneurs

A new study has found that the UK is the fifth best country for female entrepreneurs in the world, with London hailed the best city across the UK for women-owned startups.

Analysing data from Crunchbase, Mastercard, Tide and Linkedin, the study by JBH Digital PR Agency found that finance was the most viable option for women in terms of funding, with fintech receiving 400 per cent more funding than biotech and health industries.

Real estate forms the second best-funded industry for female business beginners.

Despite the UK’s success in the rankings, the grass proved greener across the pond with the US securing the top place for female entrepreneurs.

Female founders in the US also received over 16 times more funding than those in the UK.

The study showed that female entrepreneurship was on the rise, but still only two per cent of the world’s top 100 companies were founded by women.