Tuesday 30 July 2013 8:13 pm

Letters to the editor - 31/07 - Green policies, Tax relief, Best of Twitter

Green policies[Re: Ruinous green policies mean rising profits for UK energy companies, yesterday]I live in Wyoming County of New York State, where we already have 250 430 foot wind turbines, with 58 more due this summer. Those who live within the footprint of these wind factories have seen the value of their homes plummet. No permanent jobs have been created, and no-one is getting reduced rate electricity. No conventional power plants have been closed, and CO2 emissions have not been significantly reduced. And yet taxpayers and ratepayers fund a significant proportion of wind farms in the US via tax credits and subsidies.Mary Kay Barton………………..Tax reliefWhile I agree that business rates are crippling small businesses, there are practical solutions available. My company has just moved from Westminster to Battersea, and the savings we have made are fantastic. You can apply for small business rates relief from your local council, and look for tapered relief. Or check for a material change in circumstance when, for example, maintenance work alters the footfall outside your business. And check that you are extracting all the tax deductions from business development and structural alterations – are your premises capable of beneficial occupation? If not, apply for a rates holiday from your council.Andrew Edwards, AppleCapital Print Management………………..BEST OF TWITTERMajority of Tory members say the coalition is good for Britain. Big turnaround in our latest poll. @PaulGoodmanCHEven the government’s own figures suggest HS2 is poor value for money. The reality is far worse. @RichardWellingsBetter GDP news from Spain today, but it has still shrunk by 1.7 per cent year-on-year. @notayesmanseconNot all high-interest lending’s bad. To curtail it, you need to say what makes the bad sort bad. @AndrewLilico

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