Wednesday 28 August 2019 2:50 pm

Lenovo sued over patent infringement

A US-based company is taking Chinese computer-maker Lenovo to court over allegations it infringed on a series of 4G patents.

Interdigital has filed papers in Britain’s high court as it tries to protect four patents, the company said today.

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The allegations go back ten years to when Lenovo is said to have used Interdigital’s technology in its phones, laptops and tablets.

The two parties have been in negotiations over Lenovo’s use of the patents for a decade, but have been unable to reach an agreement, Interdigital said.

The claims concern four key pieces of 4G technology. One helps operators provide faster internet speeds to their customers. Another means that phone connections to the masts is more reliable.

“Having product companies take fair licenses to patented technologies flowing out of fundamental research is absolutely essential for the long-term success of worldwide standards like 4G and 5G,” said William Merritt, the chief executive of Interdigital.

The company listed in New York and has a $1.5bn market value. It has licensing agreements with Samsung, Apple, LG and Sony.

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“In bringing this claim in the UK High Court of Justice, which has a history of examining standards-essential patent issues, we are hopeful for a speedy resolution and a fair license,” Merritt said.

Lenovo did not immediately respond to request for comment.