Wednesday 5 May 2021 5:35 pm

KPMG staff to leave early in the summer as firm embraces hybrid working

Staff at KPMG will be able to leave early one day a week during the summertime, as the Big Four firm moves to hybrid working post-pandemic.

The Big Four firm has finalised its plans for flexible working in a post-pandemic world.

KPMG staff will spend on average just two days a week in the office from June, in a move that brings the firm largely into line with rival PwC, which will expect staff to be in the office two to three days each week.

KPMG told staff they should spend up to four days in the office spread over a fortnight, with the rest of the time at home or at client sites.

KPMG staff will also get two and a half hours off each week until the end of August to support their wellbeing and allow them to “re-energise” after the pandemic.

The firm will also give staff a day off on 21 June, when the last of the Covid-19 restrictions are abolished, including most social distancing, and life returns to something that looks almost like normal.

New KPMG CEO Jon Holt said: “We trust our people. Our new way of working will empower them and enable them to design their own working week. The pandemic has proven it’s not about where you work, but how you work.  

“We have listened to our people and designed this strategy around our staff and how they can best support our clients.”  

The Big Four firm made the decision to work flexibly after consulting with staff, who said they wanted to spend most of their time at home.

Nearly nine in 10 staff reported they liked not having to commute, and three-quarters said they enjoyed the greater flexibility of working from home.

The firm’s people will head to the office for work, meetings or training that need to be held in person, however they will be under no obligation to stay the whole day.