Monday 20 February 2012 7:11 pm

Kier wins £100m contract for EDF nuclear power plant groundwork

BRITISH construction group Kier has won a £100m contract from France’s EDF to prepare the ground for construction of a new nuclear power station in the west of England. Kier said in a statement that the contract to carry out site works for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station, which is due to provide six per cent of Britain’s energy needs, would create 350 jobs. Kier’s announcement confirms a deal was first announced as part of Prime Minister David Cameron’s meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy last week. Under deals unveiled by the leaders, EDF, Areva and Rolls-Royce will co-operate in developing new nuclear power plants in Britain. The contract will include building the required infrastructure and landscaping the area in preparation for the work on the plant to start. EDF is taking the lead in building Britain’s next generation of nuclear reactors after buying British Energy in a £12.4bn deal three years ago. Kier Group chief executive Paul Sheffield (pictured right) said after yesterday’s announcement: “We have an excellent track record in the nuclear industry and enjoy a long-standing relationship built over many years of working together in joint venture.”