Monday 22 July 2019 9:12 am

Jo Swinson or Sir Ed Davey to be named next Lib Dem leader

Jo Swinson or Ed Davey will be crowned the next leader of the Liberal Democrats later today, as Sir Vince Cable bows out after two years in the top job.

The results of the Lib Dem leadership election, which Swinson is favoured to win, will be announced at about 4pm today.

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Swinson, the current deputy leader and MP for East Dunbartonshire, is standing against Davey, the MP for Kingston and Surbiton who served as energy secretary during the coalition years.

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The Lib Dems have enjoyed a surge of support from voters disaffected with the two main parties’ stance on Brexit. The party has unequivocally backed a second referendum and wants to remain in the EU.

In May’s European elections, they took just over 20 per cent of the national vote share and are represented by 16 MEPs in the European Parliament.