Monday 5 March 2012 7:43 pm


The childhood dream is to sit in the cockpit of an aeroplane; the corporate dream is to own one. And now you can do both. The world’s first corporate aviation showroom, The Jet Business, has just opened on your doorstep, based in one of London’s greenest areas (and we mean dollars, not just Hyde Park). The One Grosvenor Place store has cockpits for desks and a reception room decked out like the inside of an Airbus A319, while floor-to-ceiling electronic screens allow the buyer to explore a jet’s features on a 1:1 scale, as no planes are kept on the premises (congestion charge, probably). Jet Business creator Steve Varsano confirmed to The Capitalist that a handful of sales are already underway at the two-month old shop, but unfortunately we can’t divulge which celebs dished the dosh, as the jumbo businessman keeps his little black book close to his chest. We couldn’t even peek over his shoulder as Varsano was in Beijing when he spoke to us – we think he went on a test drive. The showroom – which attracts foreign royalty, oligarchs and corporate execs – even has windows that turn opaque at the touch of a button and a private car park for celebrities who don’t want to be spotted leaving with a jet-shaped carrier bag. As is generally the way with aircraft, The Jet Business is planning to go overseas. Varsano said the business could take off in Hong Kong or New York before the year is out. So scurry down to the London showroom if you want to get your hands on a $9m to $30m corporate plane before they fly away – or if you want to sit in a mocked-up cockpit and play pilot. Morning all. Well done to the lucky person who guessed that Barnabus was at The London Eye. To win a pair of VIP tickets to The Gaucho International Polo on 21 March at The O2 (, a unique event which will bring an Argentine festival to London, uniting high-octane polo interspersed with music from one of Latin America’s most acclaimed bands, Bajafondo, a tasting of the country’s finest wines and a glamorous afterpart, guess which iconic London landmark smallest polo pony in the world, Barnabus, will visit tomorrow. Here is today’s clue: Here Barnabus will really feel like he is walking tall – so where’s Barnabus? To enter please let us know where you think he is via the Gaucho Polo Twitter site @GauchoPolo