Tuesday 14 January 2020 12:59 pm

Harry Dunn death: Chances of extradition are very low, says PM

Boris Johnson today said that the chances of extradition for the wife of a US intelligence officer accused of killing teenager Harry Dunn are “very low”.

Speaking to BBC, the Prime Minister said: “I think the chances of America actually responding by sending Anne Sacoolas to this country are very low. That’s not what they do. But we will continue to make every effort that we can.”

The Dunn’s family spokesman Radd Seiger said: “I do not know what is in the Prime Minister’s mind in making those comments because the parents and I have not yet had the opportunity to sit down and talk with him but we expect to do so within the next few days.”

He added: “If he is basing those comments on what is currently emanating from Washington he may well be right. However, the extradition request has now been delivered and therefore the legal process has commenced – Mr Johnson’s officials have been working extremely hard over the last few months to prepare a thorough and diligent case.”

Dunn died in August after being hit by a car allegedly driven by Sacoolas, who left for the US shortly after the crash claiming diplomatic immunity.

Sacoolas’ husband Jonathan works as an intelligence officer at RAF Croughton.

In December the Crown Prosecution Service charged Sacoolas with causing death by dangerous driving, and on Friday the Home Office submitted a request for her extradition.