Thursday 4 April 2019 11:23 am

Hancock says no-deal Brexit ‘highly unlikely’ as May attempts to reach cross-party withdrawal agreement with Labour

Health secretary Matt Hancock today said a no-deal Brexit is “very unlikely” as the Prime Minister attempts to seal a Brexit deal with Labour.

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Hancock said securing the support of Labour MPs in the Commons was the only likelihood of Theresa May getting a withdrawal agreement through parliament.

Corbyn is committed to a customs union in any Brexit deal.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Hancock said: “I would much prefer the Prime Minister's deal to a customs union, to be frank. I want to deliver Brexit, I have spoken about the problems of a customs union and I don't think it's as good for the country. But I also want to deliver Brexit.”

He added that he was “very, very strongly against” a second referendum – an option chancellor Philip Hammond has called “very credible”.

The PM is fighting Eurosceptics in her own party who are viciously opposed to her Brexit deal.

Meanwhile two Tory MPs quit yesterday as May opened discussions with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to find a way forward on Brexit.

The House of Lords is today trying to rush through a bill passed by just one vote in the Commons last night to instruct May to request a further delay to Article 50.

Corbyn said last night that May’s position on Brexit has not moved as much as he had hoped.

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The Labour leader said he pushed for a customs union and Single Market access, as well as discussing the “option of a public vote”.

He is under pressure from his party to support a second referendum on any deal.