Thursday 25 February 2021 7:01 am

Goldman Sachs boss David Solomon: Working from home is not the new normal

The chief executive of banking giant Goldman Sachs has called working from home an “aberration”.

“This is not ideal for us and it’s not a new normal,” Solomon said at a Credit Suisse conference.

“It’s an aberration that we are going to correct as quickly as possible.”

Solomon’s comments are the latest in a string of top City and Wall Street executives pushing for a widespread return to the office.

Barclays boss Jes Staley last month said working from home was “not sustainable” for the bank, because it impacted on collaboration and culture at the bank.

Solomon also cited collaboration as a reason to get dealmakers back to the office.

The US investment bank had just 10 per cent of staff in the office throughout 2020, he said.

Goldman’s annual intake of graduates and interns was another reason to phase out working from home.

““I am very focused on the fact that I don’t want another class of young people arriving at Goldman Sachs in the summer remotely,” he said.