Sunday 17 November 2019 10:53 am

General Election: Boris Johnson's Conservative Party opens up 17-point poll lead

The Conservative Party has opened up a 17-point lead over Labour, according to the latest poll from Yougov.

The poll puts Boris Johnson’s Conservatives on 45 per cent, with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party trailing on 28 per cent.

The Tories’ 45 per cent of the vote marks the highest point in the polls for the party since 2017.

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The Liberal Democrats take third position on 15 per cent, with the Green party on six per cent and the Brexit Party on four per cent. 

The Conservatives have been boosted by the Brexit Party’s decision to stand down in seats won by the Tories at the 2017 general election.

A separate poll from Opinium released on Friday puts the Tories on 44 per cent with Labour on 28 per cent, giving the Conservatives a 16-point lead over Labour.

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A third poll for Savantacomres also said support for Johnson’s Conservatives was the highest since 2017 with his party on 41 per cent with Labour on 33 per cent.

The first December election in Britain since 1923 will be one of the hardest to forecast in years. Brexit has scrambled voters’ traditional loyalties and is giving smaller rivals a chance to challenge the two biggest parties, Johnson’s Conservatives and Corbyn’s Labour.

Although opinion polls show the Conservatives are well ahead of Labour, analysts caution the overshadowing issue of Brexit, which has divided both major parties and their voters, could confound conventional calculations.