Sunday 26 April 2015 12:05 pm

General Election 2015: The odds of Labour-SNP coalition just shortened as Sturgeon warns Miliband he will have to “change his tune” over a deal

Ed Miliband may have spent the day insisting that he's not interested in doing a deal with the SNP after the General Election, but more people are betting that it will happen.

Odds on a coalition between the two parties have shortened to 10/1 from 12/1 with hefty backing from political punters, Ladbrokes has said.

Conservatives have ramped up their warnings of a coalition between the two parties in a bid to convince voters they risk giving away power to Scotland with a Labour vote.

"Ed might be talking the talk, but when it comes to walking the walk after 7 May punters just don't believe that his party can work without the SNP's backing," said Ladbrokes' Jessica Bridge.

The Labour leader sparred with Boris Johnson on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show, and told the presenter “I want to be clear about this. No coalitions, no tie-ins … I’ve said no deals."

"I am not doing deals with the Scottish National party," Miliband said. “I’m not interested in deals, no … The way the House of Commons works is that we want to put our Queen’s speech before the House of Commons and the other parties will vote.

“I disagree with them on independence. It would be a disaster for our country. There are other big disagreements: on national defence, on the deficit and a bigger philosophy question. The Tories and the SNP now have something in common. They want to set one part of the country against another.”

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said he will have to "change his tune" while out on the campaign trail, speaking to Sky News. She said Labour would have to face the reality after the election despite campaigning as if they would win a majority.

Bookies are predicting a hung parliament after voters cast their vote on 7 May.

Miliband is favourite to become Prime Minister at 4/7, while Ladbrokes election map forecasts the Conservatives will win 278 seats to Labour's 266.

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