Thursday 5 January 2017 10:15 am

Here are five of the best alcohol-free and low alcohol beers to drink during Dry January

Although you might have imagined yourself spending Dry January at the gym, cooking up healthy meals in your kitchen or proudly mastering the art of the homemade mocktail, chances are you'll find yourself in a pub at some point.

Before you give in and order your standard pint, try one of the many surprisingly flavourful low or zero or low alcohol beers on the market. 

How to choose? Here is a list of five of your best bets.

Brewdog's Nanny State, 0.5 per cent, Tesco

Famous for cooking up a crazy story, Scottish craft giant Brewdog's low alcohol beer is a treat for hop-lovers. The brewery says its drink is made with eight different "specialty" malts. The label proudly declares Nanny State a "beer that actually tastes like something".

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St Peter's Without, <0.05 per cent

Described as a malty, rich and full-bodied pint, St Peter's Without's low alcohol beer has at least 25 per cent fewer calories than standard beers. St Peter's brews its traditional English beers in Suffolk, using locally malted barley and Kentish hops. The alcohol-free craft ale took three years for the company to develop.

Innis & Gunn's Innis & None, 0.0 per cent, Innis & Gunn

Scottish brewers Innis & Gunn this week announced a "detoxing" alocohol-free pale ale. The beer's description sounds more like something you'd find in a health food store than a pub. It's made with Vitamin C and ginseng for immune system health and energy and guarana for weight loss and athletic performance enhancement. Perfect for hop lovers.

M&S's Czech Lager, 0.5 per cent, Marks & Spencer

So, you're a lager drinker? Don't worry, Beck's Blue is not your only option. Try the M&S branded low alcohol lager, brewed by Prague's Staropramen. Made with Zatec hops, this option won't disappoint standard lager lovers.

Erdinger's Alkoholfrei, <0.5 per cent, Waitrose

‚ÄčAnother beer that, like Innis & None, is being heralded as a great post-workout beverage is this German wheat beer. The brewer Erdinger describes its full-bodied beer as "a real energizer" that's low in calories and made from natural ingredients, along with the excellent tagline: "The sporty thirst-quencher".