Tuesday 19 May 2015 5:51 pm

First house, first baby, first job: 25 life milestones and the ages you should achieve them

The eminent members of Generation Y may frequently complain that they're being priced out of the property market/marriage/adulthood – but when should we actually be hitting those crucial milestones? Younger than you think, according to new research…

Loans company Amigo surveyed nearly 1,600 people aged between 16 and 65 about their "wisdom, life experience and regrets" – and came up with a definitive list of when we should achieve what.

To live the ultimate life, your first kiss should have taken place by age 15, the study found, while you should have passed your driving test by 20 – and have moved out of your parents' house by 22.
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The wedding should come at 27 (a decade before the average age of marriage, which is 37), while the first child should come at 28. 

The study also found most people start earning the average wage aged 30, rising to £40,000 a year by age 37 – and retirement should come at an optimistically youthful 60, as opposed to the government's preferred age of 65. 

If you haven't achieved those milestones, don't panic (yet). The study also suggested a "large percentage" of us put pressure on ourselves to achieve things by certain times – while one in three people "felt there was more pressure on the current generation to reach milestones within specific timeframes". No kidding. 

Here's how your life should look

15First kiss
19First full-time job
20Pass driving test
21First holiday with friends
22Move out/rent with friends
22Buy first car
23First holiday with a partner
23Be a bridesmaid/best man
24Rent on your own
25Get engaged
25Rent with partner
27Get married
27Buy first flat
28Have first child
29First house
30Start earning average wage
31Second child
32Buy brand new car
34Become a manager at work
35Think about starting/start a business
36Move to second house
36Start enjoying two holidays a year
37Start earning £40,000
39Look at buying/buy property to let

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