Monday 23 March 2020 10:07 pm

Deliveroo founder urges PM to back takeaway sector during coronavirus crisis

The founder of the food delivery app Deliveroo has urged the government to relieve the pressure on supermarkets during the coronavirus crisis  by funding a public information campaign explaining the safety of takeaway outlets.

Will Shu has written a letter to the prime minister to say that the package of economic support announced by the government so far will not be enough to allow restaurants to continue to offer takeaways, Sky News reported. 

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The Deliveroo boss has asked the government to educate the public about how the virus is transmitted and that it can not be passed on through food. 

“This concern is impacting on restaurant orders and putting further pressure on supermarkets as they are viewed as the only safe place to get food, despite the risks of contracting the virus being higher in a crowded supermarket than via takeaway food,” Shu said. 

He called for “urgent support… to prevent both small independent restaurants and large chains from closing in the coming hours”.

He also asked that all restaurants are forced to accept contactless payment, and said official government materials should be produced to make it clear that takeaway outlets are safe to use. 

On Friday restaurants and pubs across the UK shut their doors as the government urged people to stay indoors to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

This evening the prime minister ordered all non-essential stores to close and said the public should not leave the house except to buy food or medicine, exercise one a day and travel for essential work.