Monday 19 September 2016 5:14 pm

Customers complain as Uber prices surge after an explosion in Chelsea, New York

Uber has come under fire once again, this time by users across the pond.

It comes after an explosion injured dozens of people in New York City’s Chelsea neighbourhood on Saturday. Passengers who opted to use the service to get them home safely found that their fares were nearly double the usual rate.

The blast, which left 29 people injured, also disrupted public transport, and as a result led a higher amount of the public to use the service.

Customers complained on social media after realising they were charged an increased fee due to Uber’s “surge pricing”.

Uber use of surge pricing during periods of high demand for its cars is a well-known part of its business model. 

Commenting on Saturday night, Uber responded, saying: "Surge pricing has been turned off in the Chelsea explosion area.”

In a statement Uber said "Soon after we saw reports of the explosion, we turned off surge in the affected area."

But US site CNBC documented several more complaints, including those affected after Uber had removed price surging