Friday 14 August 2020 2:21 pm

Coronavirus infection rate remains stable across England

Coronavirus infections across England are levelling off according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

In its latest update, the ONS said the “small increase” seen in the rate of infection in July had stabilised.

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Current estimates suggest that 1 in 1,900 people have coronavirus, or 28,300 people in England.

The ONS has been regularly testing large groups of people throughout the country since April whether they have symptoms or not in order to establish a clearer picture of virus’ spread.

More coronavirus tests are conducted in areas of local outbreaks, such as those currently in local lockdowns.

While the government’s official confirmed cases appear to be rising slightly, this latest data suggests that more positive cases are just being uncovered rather than more prevalent.

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This is backed up the fact the trend has not been followed in hospitalisations or deaths.

However, the ONS data is still only based on a sample and the results that have been concluded are based on 58 positive tests from 122,000 people over the past six weeks.

Lockdown measures across England are set to be eased slightly from Saturday, with casinos, theatres and bowling alleys allowed to reopen.