Isa season is upon us. With just a few weeks left to go before the end of the 2018/19 tax year, canny savers [...]

14 February 2019

Despite the dire predictions from the economics profession about Brexit, the UK economy is doing well. [...]

6 February 2019

Apple has taken back its crown at the top of the tech heap, becoming the world's most valuable public company [...]

5 February 2019

Microsoft has been named Super Bowl advertising champion with a campaign for an adaptive controller that allows [...]

4 February 2019

Back in December, I wrote an article asking why, six months after the European Union’s General Data Protection [...]

31 January 2019

Microsoft has today unveiled a partnership with London data science hub Pivigo, giving its customers access to [...]

30 January 2019

Silicon Valley will be preparing for market instability this week as several members of the so-called Faang grouping [...]

29 January 2019

The boss of software giant Microsoft has said facial recognition technology needs to be regulated, as the company [...]

24 January 2019

Google, Amazon and Facebook's bill for lobbying the US government hit record highs last year, as life under [...]

24 January 2019

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos today took the top spot in a new index that rates bosses on the star power they bring [...]

14 January 2019

Amazon reclaimed its crown as Wall Street’s stock market darling this evening, passing Microsoft to take the [...]

7 January 2019

It is finally 2019, and I can’t wait to see what surprises the technology industry has in store for us. What [...]

3 January 2019

Stock markets staged a recovery this afternoon after economic fears continued to weigh on both the FTSE and Wall [...]

2 January 2019

Facebook’s shares fell 6 per cent today after an investigation revealed the company gave big tech companies [...]

19 December 2018

France expects to pull in around €500m (£450m) each year as it introduces a new tax on major technology companies [...]

18 December 2018

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