Wednesday 17 July 2019 2:16 pm

Uber rival Kapten partners with Citymapper on London travel

Citymapper has teamed up with rival Kapten to offer a £10 credit to some of its users.

Users of Citymappers’ pass, which was launched in March, will receive a free £10 weekly credit for rides via Kapten, the only private hire firm to have teamed up with the transport app.

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The Citymapper pass, which customers pay £39 per week for, pays for travel across public transport and bikes and now via Kapten.

Kapten, formerly called Chauffeur Prive, launched in London in May after winning approval from Transport for London (TfL).

The firm, which is backed by German car giants Daimler and BMW, immediately took a swipe at Uber with an advert in which it claimed Uber did not pay local taxes.

HMRC has opened an investigation into Uber in May over allegations it owes around £1bn in unpaid VAT.

Uber claims it is exempt from paying VAT because its drivers are self-employed and their earnings fall below the £85,000 threshold. ​

Kapten operates in zones one to five in the capital, and the company has vowed to offer average fares 20 per cent cheaper than competitors.

Mariusz Zabrocki, London general manager of Kapten, says: “This is an exciting next step for Kapten as we continue to offer the best ride-hailing options for savvy Londoners. “

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Omid Ashtari, president of Citymapper said: “Our goal with Citymapper Pass is to create the ultimate mobility solution for London which is designed for the public transport user that also likes to take cabs or cycles. We are excited that Kapten believes in this vision and is our ride-hailing launch partner.” 

Kapten Launched in Paris in 2012, and also operates in Lyon, Lisbon and Geneva.