Thursday 17 June 2021 1:44 pm

Bone Daddies and Black Bear tear up the rule book with June collaboration

Bone Daddies has become something of a London institution in recent years. Famed for its velvety noodles and flavourful broth, it’s served as the accompaniment to many an, ahem, sociable evening. 

But they’re going one better this month, pairing up with Brixton burger joint Black Bear to deliver the best of both worlds in a good ol’ fashioned Asian-infused BBQ-mash up. 

The two are co-hosting a one-night only pop-up tonight with four special dishes. The Cock ‘n’ Roll – fried chicken breast pieces in a wonton spring roll with American cheese, Bone Daddies Cock Scratchings and Korean wing sauce – is worth the trip down south itself. 

Korean fries, staggeringly good fried chicken wings and a beef and tenderstem broccoli dish are no slouches either. 

But if you miss tonight’s festival, never fear – Bone Daddies will be taking the best of Black Bear on to their menu for the next month, with a ramen inspired by the meaty goodness of the burger joint. 

The Black Bone ramen – beef bone broth, with beer braised brisket and bone marrow – will be on the menu at Bone Daddies’ joints until the end of the month. 

And the Black Bone burger – dry aged beef, American cheese, garlic miso mayo, lightly pickled onion – will be on at Black Bear for the same length of time. We can confirm both are very, very good.