Sunday 30 October 2016 10:40 pm

Bank of England governor Mark Carney looks ready to remain in post beyond 2018

Mark Carney is expected to extend his term at the Bank of England beyond 2018 after a weekend of speculation over his future.

The governor is said to be readying himself to make a statement on his future this week and put an end to the uncertainty.

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The Financial Times reports that the Canadian has told friends he is ready to serve a full eight-year term and will have discussions with Prime Minister Theresa May and chancellor Philip Hammond before making the decision.

Carney is reportedly leaning strongly towards staying in his post.

He took up the position in July 2013 under an agreement in which he had a five-year term with the option of another three years.

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Carney has endured numerous attacks from Leave campaigners since the EU referendum, with the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg, Nigel Lawson and Nigel Farage critical of his forecasts.

Earlier this month, the governor said in a speech that the Bank would not be taking “instruction on our policies” from politicians.

He was speaking after the Prime Minister appeared to question the impact of quantitative easing policies.