Friday 9 January 2015 7:49 am

Art review: Fig-2 at the ICA Studio

ICA Studio | ★★★★☆
Back in 2000, when “pop-up” was still something that only applied to children’s books, curators Mark Francis and Jay Jopling secured funding for a visionary idea. Fed up with the slow turn-around of shows at leading art institutions, they proposed Fig-1; 50 shows in 50 weeks, with consecutive artists exhibiting out of the same small room in Soho.
Fifteen years later, the time is finally right for Fig-2. This time the venue is the ICA Studio, and bright young thing Fatoş Üstek is at the curatorial helm. The project got off to a strong start this week with Laura Eldret’s Zapotec Mexican rugs. Head down every Monday for an intimate encounter with some of contemporary art’s leading lights.