Working for longer isn't an option for those who are forced into early retirement, survey finds

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Many people want to continue working well into their retirement years (Source: Getty)

Many of the Britain's workers are being forced into early retirement due to illness or redundancy according to new figures released today.

More than four in 10 of retired people have been forced to quit full-time positions due to circumstances outside of their control, a survey by Just Retirement has revealed.

The news is a concern for some who are faced with working well beyond 65.

“People are being urged to think about working for longer but our research shows that the decision isn’t always in our own hands,” said Stephen Lowe, a group communications director at Just Retirement.

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The survey of also revealed the trend was a worsening problem.

While just over a quarter (26 per cent) of over-80s were forced to step back from work earlier than desired, nearly half of 66-70 year-olds (46 per cent) said this was the case for them.

The survey also revealed that while the average age people hoped to retire by was 61, they achieved it two years later at an average age of 63.

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