Cyclists on Blackfriars Bridge up 55 per cent since introduction of cycle superhighway

Rebecca Smith
Boris Johnson unveiled the first cycle superhighway
Boris Johnson unveiled the first cycle superhighway (Source: Getty)

Since the construction of the North-South cycle superhighway, the number of cyclists on Blackfriars Bridge has increased by 55 per cent during peak periods.

They now account for up to 70 per cent of all the traffic on the bridge at the busiest times, according to figures from Transport for London. And on the East-West superhighway, there has also been a substantial impact.

At Victoria Embankment, cyclists accounted for 52 per cent of traffic during the busiest periods.

A total of 4,695 cyclists used the North-South superhighway during the three-hour morning peak and 3,608 used the Embankment route.

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In the progress report for a meeting of the Programmes and Investment Committee, TfL said the increase in journeys was a solid contribution towards its target of 1.5m cycle journeys per day by 2026.

"In only five months since the launch of four new cycle superhighway routes, there has been more than a 50 per cent increase in the number of cyclists using the East-West and North-South cycle superhighways," it noted.

The total number of cyclists is now at 8,400 using Blackfriars Bridge and 7,000 using Victoria Embankment each day during the morning and evening peaks and the majority are using the dedicated cycle track.

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Last month, the mayor ditched the first round of Westway cycle superhighway plans and intends to make different recommendations.

The 4.5 mile Westway route was the brainchild of former mayor Boris Johnson. It was meant to be an extension of his flagship Victoria Embankment superhighway and would have linked Paddington and Acton.

Khan previously approved Cycle superhighway 11 linking Swiss Cottage and Oxford Circus and the 1.5 mile extension of the North-South superhighway between the junction of Stonecutter Street/Farringdon Street and King's Cross.

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