Thursday 1 September 2016 9:06 am

Here's where London's next cycle superhighway will be

Cyclists, rejoice (and drivers, commiserate): there's going to be a new extension to London's cycle superhighway network, running from South to North London.

Transport for London (TfL) said today it is going ahead with plans to construct Cycle Superhighway 6, running between Elephant & Castle and King's Cross. The plans involve widening pavements and creating more crossing points, it added.

At its northern end, the route will connect with the planned Quietway 2, a cycle route through "less heavily trafficked streets", which runs to Hackney, Walthamstow, Camden and Swiss Cottage. 

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Part of the planned new route. Click or tap on the image to open in a new tab (Source: TfL)

Anyone who uses either two or four wheels regularly will know about the East to West cycle superhighway, which provides a physical barrier between cyclists and other traffic for much of its route.

The route, linking Barking, Canary Wharf and Tower Hill via Westminster and Embankment, opened this year, and is in the process of being extended as far as Paddington. It caused untold misery for those commuting by car, with its construction wreaking traffic havoc along the Embankment.

But according to TfL, the latest plans were supported by 70 per cent of those consulted over the route.

It added that pedestrians are also set to benefit, with 1,600 sq m of footway along the route, as well as 14 new or upgraded pedestrian crossings. 

"The first part of the North-South Cycle Superhighway has been a great success and is already being used by thousands of Londoners daily," said Alan Bristow, TfL's director of road space management. 

"We’re now keen to complete the route to enable even more cycling journeys, but will be planning the project carefully to minimise disruption to other road users.”

Meanwhile, the capital's cyclists have begun the campaign for a new Thames bridge to Canary Wharf

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