Nigel Farage on Donald Trump's victory in the US Presidential election: "The establishment is in deep shock"

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Farage: on balance, pretty pleased. (Source: Getty)

Nigel Farage has warned that "the establishment is in deep shock" after Donald Trump's victory in the US Presidential election.

In a statement today following a night of silence from Farage - save for one tweet, in which he promised to "hand over my mantle" to Trump, and a short interview - Farage said we were witnessing "the end of a period of big business and big politics controlling our lives".

"Voters across the Western world want nation state democracy, proper border controls and to be in charge of their own lives," he said.

"I commend Donald Trump for the courage with which he has fought this campaign and I look forward to a closer relationship between the USA and the UK.

"We now have a President who likes our country and understands our post-Brexit values. Prepare for further political shocks in the years to come."

Overnight he became one of the first to congratulate Trump when his victory became apparent, tweeting "you have fought a brave campaign".

Earlier in the evening, Farage had given an interview saying 2016 was going to be the "year of two big political revolutions".

Only last week, Farage spoke out on the Article 50 High Court ruling, saying people will feel "cheated" and "betrayed".

"If the people in this country think they're going to be cheated, that they're going to be betrayed, we're going to see political anger the likes of which none of us have ever witnessed in our lifetimes in this country," he said, speaking on the BBC's Andrew Marr show.

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