Brussels arrest not thought to be Zaventem suspect Najim Laachroui, Belgian media reports

Catherine Neilan
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The three men have been tentatively identified today (Source: Reuters)

A man arrrested by Belgian police this morning was not the prime suspect from yesterday's terror attack, local media is reporting.

Belgian newspaper DH had reported this morning that Najim Laachroui, who was only tentatively named hours before, had been arrested in the Belgian capital.

However DH is now reporting that it was a different individual. Police have declined to comment throughout the morning, but will hold a press conference today.

Earlier today Belgian authorities named two of the suicide bombers who were behind the attacks on Brussels' Zaventem Airport yesterday as Khalid and Ibrahim el-Bakraoui.

The two Belgian-born men, who are thought to have blown themselves up, were already being sought by police, suspected of hiring properties as hideouts for those behind the Paris attacks last November, in which 130 people were killed. One of the brothers is also thought to have provided weapons and ammunition for the attacks.

Police yesterday released images of the three men pushing trolleys in the airport shortly before the explosions went off. The two brothers were seen wearing gloves on their left hands only, while the third man was dressed in white and wearing a hat.

The official death toll now stands at 31, while up to 230 people have been injured. Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the the attacks.

Belgium is observing three days of national mourning.

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