This is the city in England with the highest house prices - and it isn't London

Helen Cahill
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London isn't the most expensive place to buy a home (Source: Getty)

House prices in London may seem extortionate – but there’s one place in England that’s worse.

New data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) shows that St Albans has the highest average house prices of anywhere in England and Wales.

The Hertfordshire city has a median house price of £390,000 compared to the median price of £380,000 in the capital.

The ONS analysed Land Registry data between 1995 and 2015 and took an average across all property types, but also looked at differences between specific property types.

Median house prices 

1. St Albans: £390,000

2. London: £380,000

3. Cambridge: £360,000

4. Guildford: £352,000

5. Woking: £329,975

6. Oxford: £327,000

7. Brighton and Hove: £295,000

8. Watford: £290,000

9. Bath: £285,000

10. Bracknell: £270,000


Source: ONS

To get a detached house, Londoners pay on average £664,007. Moving into a similar house in St Albans would cost as much as £675,000.

House buyers pay as much as £94,400 more on average for a semi-detached house in St Albans, where such a property costs £529,400 on average, compared to an average of £435,000 in London.

However, buying a flat sets you back more in London than it does in St Albans. The median flat price is £90,000 higher in London - £345,000 compared to £255,000 in St Albans.

Third on the list of the highest average house prices is Cambridge, where the median house price is £360,000.

The ONS said that Cambridge has had the largest increase in house prices of anywhere in England and Wales, with house prices rising by 46.9 per cent between 2010 and 2015. In London, the median house prices rose by 38.2 per cent in the same period.