F1 British Grand Prix 2015: How house prices accelerated with British winners - from Stirling Moss to Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone

Hamilton is hoping for another win at Silverstone (Source: Getty)

As Lewis Hamilton drove to glory at Silverstone today, the world's top racing drivers aren't the only ones with almost super-human speeds and anyone who has invested in property is already a winner.

In the last 60 years since Stirling Moss was the first Brit to triumph at the British Grand Prix, house prices have accelerated more than a little themselves, with the average property price having grown 9,000 per cent higher since 1955.

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When Moss triumphed, the average house would have set you back just £1,928, compared to £188,566 today. Adjusted for inflation that would still come in at a bargain compared to now, with a price tag of around £50,000, still representing an increase of almost 300 per cent.

Since Hamilton picked up his first win on home turf, property prices have raced ahead 12 per cent with the average home costing around £20,000 more than it did in 2008.

Check out the British property Grand Prix in the graphic below and how prices have changed through the years when British drivers bagged their first home win, based on data from Emoov.

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