Battersea Power Station gets boost from £1.35bn syndicated debt facility and more sets of boots

Gabriella Griffith
Simon Murphy, CFO of BPSDC (back left), Rob Tincknell, CEO of BPSDC (back right) Liew Kee Sin, chairman of Battersea Project Holding Company (front left of centre) and Dato’s Abdul Rahman Dahlan, Malaysian minister (front centre) pose in the historic control room
The Malaysian housing minister, Abdul Rahman Dahlan, led a group of visiting bankers from his country in donning steel toe boots, hard hats and goggles yesterday, as the group made their way up to Battersea Power Station’s Control Room, via some nerve-wracking metal stairs, to sign the closure of a £1.35bn syndicated debt facility to will help fund the site’s development.

Chief of Battersea Power Station Development Company (BPSDC) Rob Tincknell welcomed the visitors in the site’s show flat, before embarking on the tour of the site.

“This is probably the last tour we’ll give here before the work takes over access,” he told the group. The Capitalist also hears the site’s project managers are becoming increasingly annoyed with the volume of visitors accessing the site, halting work. Fair enough.

As we headed up to the control room, an enthusiastic chairman of Battersea Project Holding Company, Liew Kee Sin, couldn’t help but give the site an extra plug or two. “Take pictures, this is history in the making. We’re going up to where The King’s Speech was filmed.” “You know your stuff,” nodded the impressed minister.

Having had the grand tour and a look at a model of the finished plans, everyone looked suitably impressed by its complexity.

“It’s not that complicated, it’s much worse in Malaysia, much more complicated, this is nothing,” said Liew Kee Sin. Rather him than The Capitalist.

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