Tuesday 17 December 2019 12:00 pm

Wetherspoons resolves pigs in blankets shortage in time for Christmas

JD Wetherspoon customers can breathe a sigh of relief as pigs in blankets are back on the menu in the run up to Christmas following a shortage earlier this week.

Pigs in blankets had been served without their blankets in some pubs due to supply chain problems earlier this week.

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In a poster displayed at The George pub in Croydon, the company warned that a number of festive dishes would be served with cocktail sausages without the bacon wrapper. 

The British Meat Association warned earlier this year that the Christmas dinner staple could be in short supply over the festive season due to a lack of seasonal workers, as pigs in blankets are wrapped by hand.

“Pigs and blankets are a very labour intensive thing to make and we’re short of labour,” BMA chief executive Nick Allen told the BBC.

“If it is something to do with that then it comes as no surprise.”

Wetherspoon has since resolved the supplier issue.

Wetherspoon spokesperson Eddie Gershon told the BBC: “There was a blip in supply, but that has been sorted and we now have a full supply of pigs in blankets.

“When the blip occurred, the company purchased some pigs that were missing the blanket to maintain availability.

“Customers can be assured that pigs in blankets are available in our pubs.”

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In November customers were warned that buying a traditional Christmas dinner could cost more than usual this festive season due to supplier problems. 

High summer temperatures reduced the number of turkey eggs, while flooding and rain affected the supply of vegetables including Christmas dinner staples potatoes and Brussels sprouts, business consultancy firm CGA said.