Monday 9 December 2019 9:53 am

Watch Tesla boss Elon Musk take his Cybertruck out for a spin

Outspoken Tesla boss Elon Musk has yet again used his celebrity status to promote his latest product, taking the controversial Cybertruck out for a night on the town in Malibu.

The eccentric billionaire, who was last week cleared of defamation for calling a British cave diver a “pedo guy” on Twitter, arrived at paparazzi hotspot restaurant Nobu in the futuristic electric truck over the weekend.

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Musk left the truck parked in front of the restaurant, allowing passers by to snap it throughout the evening, before he emerged later with his musician girlfriend Grimes and actor Ed Norton.

The Cybertruck’s debut at the Space X headquarters last month was marred when Tesla design chief Franz von Holshausen tried to prove the glass was “shatterproof,” throwing a metal ball at it. 

But Musk was left embarrassed when the driver-side window smashed. “Oh my f***ing God,” he muttered.

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The Cybertruck, made by Tesla, has caused a stir in the automotive industry since its launch on Thursday, with its unconventional shape and hefty $39,900 price tag making it a target for widespread criticism. 

The car’s trapezoid shape has also been the subject of mockery via internet memes. However, Tesla fans have also praised Musk for bringing a new shape in automotive design to the market.