Friday 22 June 2018 4:39 pm

The UK government has launched the Institute of Coding, a body of universities and tech leaders to tackle the digital skills gap

A consortium of UK universities and employers, launched last night at the House of Lords, has been established to ensure the development of the UK’s next generation of digital talent at degree level and above.

The Institute of Coding (IoC) will unite the tech industry with academics to spread digital skills training across the country, tackling areas of strategic importance. The mission will also seek to boost equality and diversity in the tech sector, making courses available at apprenticeship, degree and short course levels so that anyone could apply.

Funded by the government through the Office for Students, the IoC represents a £20m public investment, matched by a further £20m from partners.

Jacqueline de Rojas, president of Tech UK said: “With UK business leaders crying out for employees with the latest IT skills, the IoC is already helping companies to develop the technical capabilities of workers across the country.”

The UK’s tech scene remains vibrant post-Brexit, earning more in funding than Germany, France and Sweden combined.

De Rojas continued:

"Serving as a bridge between industry and academia, this organisation will enable companies to build workforces fit for the future, by offering opportunity to benefit from high quality learning to everyone.”

The body will also produce research, analysis and intelligence as part of its role in order to anticipate future skills gaps in the UK workforce. Led by Dr Rachid Hourizi, the IoC has already established a network of 25 academic institutions and 60 businesses to lead the courses.